Shapewear Fit Guide

What is Shapewear?

Shapewear XXL is figure shaping lingerie which can be worn particularly under tight clothing. Shapewear firms your curves, lends your figure a slimmer silhouette and helps keep the minimum showing under tighter clothing.This allows you to be a little bolder in your choice of outfit. The following will help you in your choice of shapewear depending on the results you wish to achieve.

Which XXL Shapewear covers what?

Certain figure-forming lingerie is better than others depending on which "Problem Zone" you would like to conceal. Here are some tips on which Shapewear you can best use:

Eine Frau in figurformender Strumpfware / Shapewear

Figure Shaping Hosiery

Effect: slimmer legs/hips, bottom and tummy tightened

Eine Frau in figurformenden Slip / Shapewear

Figure Shaping Slips and Thongs

Effect: flattering around tummy area, hips and bottom

Eine Frau in figurformenden Bodyshaper / Shapewear

Figure Shaping Bodyshaper

Effect: firming the silhouette, smoothing the back area , beautiful bosom, slimmer hips, waist and tummy

Eine Frau in figurformenden Top / Shapewear

Figure Shaping Top

Effect: smooth back, beautiful bosom, slimmer waist and tummy

Which Shapewear for which Body Type?

In general, your choice of Shapewear will depend on your outfit. Are there particular areas which should be emphasised and brought into shape? If so, the choice of Bodyforming garment is largely dependent on your body shape. Here are a few tips which you might like to take into account:

Inverted Triangle

Illustration eines Körpers mit der Form eines umgekehrten Dreiecks
  • broad shoulders and /or
  • large bust
  • narrow hips
  • slim legs

Tip: A figure shaping top or body shaper is particularly good to firm up the top half. A Slip or Thong with a high waist is also good to help conceal problem areas around the tummy.


Illustration eines Körpers mit der Form eines Dreiecks
  • rather narrow shoulders
  • small bust
  • slim waist
  • flat tummy
  • Weight sits mainly around hips, legs and bottom.

Tip: Pants and figure shaping lingerie with leg inserts are more suitable. A body or slip without leg inserts will not create the same effect.


Illustration eines Körpers mit der Form einer Sanduhr
  • symmetrical body type
  • narrow waist
  • full bust
  • round bottom

Tip: It is not necessary for you to form any one area more than another. And so you can choose your Shapewear purely on the basis of your outfit. Essentially, all types of figure forming lingerie are suitable.


Illustration eines Körpers mit der Form eines Rechtecks/einer Gerade
  • symmetrical body type
  • not much waist
  • small bust
  • shoulder width and hip width are about the same

Tip: Use shapewear to create more of a waist. Bodies or slips with a high waist are suitable here.


Illustration eines Körpers mit der Form einer Raute
  • weight sits mainly around tummy and waist
  • large bust
  • legs and bottom relatively slim

Tip: Choose shapewear that covers tummy and waist in particular. Panties which are cut too deep will cut in, in an unpleasant way. Go for a figure shaping top or bodysuit which also gives support to the bust. Panties should have a high waist.

Which Shape Hold is right for me?

Illustration der Wirkug der Shapewear Modellierungsstärke Light

Shape Hold Light

These styles provide light shaping with the task of smoothing. They also help unattractive bumps caused by under garments to disappear. Ideal for every day.

Illustration der Wirkug der Shapewear Modellierungsstärke Medium

Shape Hold Medium

These styles provide a hourglass figure without a tight feeling. They offer you firm support and create a beautiful silhouette.

Illustration der Wirkug der Shapewear Modellierungsstärke Strong

Shape Hold Strong

The strongest support we offer for your problem areas. These styles are perfect to be worn under tight fitting dresses and figure shaping outfits.

Tips on how to pull on Shapewear

When you put on shapewear you should pull on your top or bodysuit from the bottom in order to achieve the best fit. Always wear body shaping items with a bra if needed. This will provide the best shape for your bust.