Individual and trendy fashion in big sizes

There were times when it was almost impossible for people of all ages to dress fashion-consciously and dress appropriately. The fashion for large sizes at that time consisted of inconspicuous, baggy garments, which often seemed more than unfavorable and in the worst case visually even applied a few kilos. But a lot has happened since then. Not least thanks to role models from film and television, curvy people have found new self-confidence and only want to let their taste and not the offer decide on their clothing style.

The industry has responded by producing trendy fashion and big sizes so that everyone can dress according to their preferences, regardless of their size and weight. At Ulla Popken you will find a wide selection of fashion items for tall people, with which you can create your very own style. Figurative cuts and flowing fabrics in high quality emphasize your preferences and conceal the problem areas.

Fresh colors and patterned fabrics follow the latest trends, turning classic, plain-colored basics into outfits that leave fashionable everyday life behind. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right outfit of the right size for a formal or formal occasion. Especially in shops and non-specialized online shops, the selection is often limited. But here you will find fashion in oversize, which fits all occasions.

Of course it can also be more courageous. Who puts his advantages such as a slender waist or long legs in scene - whether with a tailored skirt, a pair of pants or a belted trench coat - can hide the less loved places with appropriate materials, cuts and colors. With fashion from Ulla Popken in sizes 42 to 68 you are always on the right page.

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